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GS-37 Environmental Standards

"Preferred" Custodians are trained in all aspects of green cleaning solutions. We employ only GS-37 rated cleaning chemicals. The Green Seal is awarded to products that have less impact on the environment and work well. To earn the Green Seal a product must meet environmental standards for the category as demonstrated by rigorous evaluation and testing. Green Seal standards lead by identifying the most environmentally preferable products currently available.

* Non-toxic

* Non-corrosive

* Non-combustible

* No Ozone depleting compounds

* No known carcinogens

* No chlorine bleach

* No butoxyethanol

* No phosphates, EDTA or NTA

* No petroleum distallates

* Concentrated for use in cold water

* Safe VOC level when diluted

* Floor care products are slip resistant

* Floor care products do not contain metal

* Cross-linked polymers

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